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Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I am grateful

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  • cloudberry
    cloudberry Doing 2 cheers 2018-02-20 16:01:35

    God, I've missed this goal. So:

    20 Feb 2018, grateful for:

    • having an hour to edit in a café

    • other people getting on with things without needing my attention

    • progress

    • being signed up with the surgery, with little difficulty

    • a bit of walking

    • the cute little dog in the hair salon

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  • julettaskey
    julettaskey Doing 1 cheers 2018-02-20 15:32:52

    Monday ~ 2.19.18
    ~ an all-around productive day
    ~ optimistic
    ~ listening to a few photography podcasts
    ~ Chirs Rock and aging
    ~ a plate of tappas

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  • julettaskey
    julettaskey Doing 3 cheers 2018-02-19 15:00:11

    Weekend ~ 2.17 -2.18.18
    ~ Remembering the good times with Stosh. He passed on Friday. :(

    ~ a pedicure! first one of the year. yikes!
    ~ Early in my life, I was a hairdresser. I have since retired my scissors. I come out of retirement for one friend. It was good to see him on Saturday.
    ~ Able to get Mom out for her errands
    ~ finally opening up some with Mom. So many years of turbulence. Still not sure but we will see.
    ~ progress on my brother's t-shirt quilt
    ~ naps with Norman
    ~ feeling better about our food choices and how it's becoming easier to eat right rather than not.
    ~ Open and honest conversations with K
    ~ Feeling a shift coming

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  • julettaskey
    julettaskey Doing 3 cheers 2018-02-15 22:31:03

    Thursday, 2.15.18
    ~ rolling with the punches
    ~ remembering the good times with Stosh. He is in hospice.
    ~ joining a new photo club
    ~ being greeted by Norman when I wake (furbaby)
    ~ being able to talk to K about how I am feeling

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  • mar777
    mar777 Doing 2 cheers 2018-02-15 20:44:34

    1. coffee from bosses

    2. morning shift passed quickly

    3. freelance gig

    4. afternoon chill

    5. finishing a book

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  • abracadeborah
    abracadeborah Doing 3 cheers 2018-02-15 18:52:26

    I haven't been good about writing here of late and I'm grateful:
    -I got to meet another 43T/Drimsa member, in person, today! Khryssizzle and I met at a coffee/record shop here in downtown Louisville. I'm so delighted that I got meet with someone who is on this site. She is lovely! I am so pleased to have met her. Of course we had many things in common. I was hesitant to meet before I suggested it because frankly so many people are so judgmental and NOT Khryss!

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  • mar777
    mar777 Doing 2 cheers 2018-02-13 21:41:24

    1. morning coffee

    2. good words from the bosses and owners of the store where I work

    3. Early Valentines gift

    4. Early Valentines dinner

    5. Calls from the close friends that moved away

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  • mar777
    mar777 Doing 5 cheers 2018-02-12 21:18:30

    1. getting to job on time inspite the snow blizard

    2. making some good photos

    3. whole day snowing...

    4. reading in a bus

    5. getting closer with a new cooworker

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  • rosewilder
    rosewilder Doing 6 cheers 2018-02-12 02:51:31

    1. I worked a great deal this weekend on the online class I'm teaching starting Monday, and it's ready to roll and looking good!

    2. I remembered something important before it was too late.

    3. Make that two things! Being grateful for remembering the first thing just made me remember the second thing.

    4. Grateful for the practice of gratitude!

    5. It stopped raining just in time for me to get a lovely walk in today.

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  • mar777
    mar777 Doing 2 cheers 2018-02-11 11:36:34

    relax day at work
    coffee with collegue
    geting lots of votes for one photography
    pizza time
    weekend out

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