I want to do this!


  • morningsun
    morningsun Done 1 cheers 2018-04-20 07:44:05

    I've done this!

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  • donna
    donna Doing 4 cheers 2018-04-17 11:50:52

    This morning I tossed some old supplements. They had an expiration date of two years ago, or maybe further back than that.

    Um, I am saving the little glass bottle that they came in, though. It's so cool...it's a smoky color, has a metal lid. I'm working on phasing out the plastics in my kitchen. I've been putting all of my lunch goodies in glass containers for a couple of weeks now. This little bottle will be good for putting some nuts in it.

    Edit: I have recycled the glass bottle. I soaked the bottle in an attempt to more easily remove the label. I checked the wet label the other day and could tell that it was glued on with the security of Fort Knox. Of course! The lawyers for the supplement company don't want this label coming off for any reason, lest someone wants to sue for taking the supplements in some accidental way that caused them harm, that this accidental ingestion happened because the label had fallen off.

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  • northernskye
    northernskye Doing 3 cheers 2018-04-16 20:46:07

    Declutter... hhhmm I have decided this is not only physical space but mental and body as well. Started on my physical space.. bedroom is coming along well 🙂 Physical.. I hardly eat red meat anymore (sad) I love it, but it doesn't love me and the third... mental declutter.. whew... Well alot of time and more to come working on that. However I took a big step yesterday on that - now just waiting till it comes back to bite me in the ass HARD.
    Maybe I am a bad person? I don't know, but I unfriended my S/O's mother off my FB account !
    She is a decent person, in another world I think we could have been friends, but she doesn't approve of my parenting skills. I am a fairly strict parent.. not crazy strict. I don't yell, I don't spank or hit - I do expect them to learn some common sense and take responsibilities for their actions. I call it natural consequence. Don't do your homework? Well your gonna hear it from your teacher. I made your lunch and reminded you it is on the table.. didn't pack it cause you chose to watch tv before the bus comes and forgot? got hungry? Next time you'll remember. Wanted to have your friends come over to visit, and I said that was fine but please make your room presentable and then didn't ..? Now your friends won't be coming. Maybe I am mean.. I don't know.
    My s/o's mother one day got mad at me cause I asked them to do something before something could happen that was fun and she called me a militant bitch - ok..maybe I am but in the same sentence she also said he other grandkids were little assholes and these ones were so well behaved and polite. go figure lady, can't have it both ways.. consequences or little assholes.
    So the last few times my s/o has made comments about seeing her and going down in the summer I always tell him he and the kids can go on their own and I will stay with pets, he always says "oh come on" and I say "why would I want to subject myself to a week of stress, the woman hates me"
    That convo has happened twice in the last year, he never said.. oh no she doesn't or tried to defend me to her etc So I give up! had two MIL's with the last hubby and avoided them quite fine so hopefully is doesn't backlash on my guy when she figures it out. She never writes to me, comments on anything and as much as I do on her page she doesn't even acknowledge me. Heck even last mothers day she listed thanks to the "mom's" of her grandchildren, me coming in dead last. Nice. I was below the woman who cheated on her husband/her son with multiple men for mutiple years and then abandonded he children at the age of three and one when I started raising them. Yup.. I must be a piece of shit.. lol ok that got away on me.. guess I needed a little vent! Sorry!

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  • donna
    donna Doing 4 cheers 2018-04-16 12:14:05

    Last week I donated several towels that we don't absolutely need to a charity drive for a local vet clinic. Some of the towels were actually quite new but they weren't the color that I liked (at all!) -- they were orphans that I adopted when my mom was decluttering her house. I was glad to be the channel to getting those items where they could be appreciated to their fullest! (Also, I gave away some hand towels that we could potentially use in the distant future, but I am getting our load as light as possible, since we are going to be on the move again.) 🏘

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  • dreamgums
    dreamgums 1 cheers 2018-03-26 01:50:18

    I have always postponed to declutter but this time I have to start

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  • cherisey
    cherisey Doing 3 cheers 2018-03-24 15:06:58

    Wow you can declutte in so many ways. My way is to get rid of stuff I really don’t need or use. So we can move easily in the future.

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  • pikhan4
    pikhan4 0 cheers 2018-03-13 16:32:31

    Get rid off old stuff and useless stuff. Please remove your inner stuff and give it to poor people. STOP MEETING OLD AND NEW PEOPLE.



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  • donna
    donna Doing 2 cheers 2018-03-11 23:13:10

    This morning I tossed out the two swimsuits (a top and bottom each, so that is 4 pieces of swimwear) that had long ago worn out.
    Along with these pieces, I had been harboring some strange thought that maybe the undamaged parts are good for something. Well, maybe they are in some up-cycling utopia, but I don't have a serger (sewing machine) to craft the good parts, much less the skill! Sheesh! Out you go!

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  • northernskye
    northernskye Doing 3 cheers 2018-03-11 19:14:29

    Back to it today. After I am done ( which is going to take weeks I imagine) and Value Village is either going to love me or hate me after all this lol. I need to have a yard sale and get all of this accumulated stuff gone- it's just too too too much.

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  • mariewaltzing
    mariewaltzing Doing 4 cheers 2018-03-11 02:41:51

    Today was about psychological déclineront.... Getting in touch with people I should have years ago... Getting done with responsabilities I sort of "postponed".... More has to be done on the real, material front, but today helped feeling proud!

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