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  • supreme
    supreme 5 cheers 2017-03-25 15:52:48

    My color run in 5 days
    Yesterday I went to pickup my number for the color run. Looks cool! So my outfit is ready, but I can’t say the same about myself in person. Last month I was running with an app, so it’s like 25 min of running and 15 min of walking in total. So I’m kind off doing 5k on each run, but not really. Yesterday I tried to run without walking breaks, so I can say that my endurance isn’t really good. I managed to go just 3,5k. I’m not happy by this result, but also I remember that on my first run I couldn't go even 1k without stopping, so there are some progress. Any way even if I will get to the finish the last one I’m still into it. The idea of color run was keeping me on track during the last month and I finally started to run. And hopefully in 5 days I will do my first 5k run non-stop.

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