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  • ligemst
    ligemst 1 cheers 2017-03-17 18:51:59

    NAET TREATMENT #16 (2017 - #10): Fri, 17-Mar-2017 - 2 REMAINING HORMONES, EFT, ORGANS & GLANDS MIX

    There were still 2 more hormones I did not clear, but I did clear cortisol, estrogren, progesterone, testosterone and the other hormones I did not clear before. The 2 left are estradiol & pregnanolene.

    I noticed on the days I did EFT, heel pain came back. Dr. A tested me for EFT and I do have an allergy to it. He said it could be possibly that I have done too much EFT and my body didn't like it.

    Next on the NAET list to be treated were my organs and glands. There are so many things on this list and I need to eat basically only veggies. I can have bread, too. No meat. Cannot have tofu because that impacts the hormones.

    Cannot have any skin contact, and that includes touching myself in any manner in terms of the skin or hair. Thankfully I can wear gloves, but I need to wear long sleeves, socks, long pants so I don't accidentally touch myself, my feet cannot touch each other, etc.

    No kissing my husband and kids. This is only until 11:30 am tomorrow, so it can be done. Dr. A thinks it will take more than one treatment to clear organs/glands. This includes skin and this is such a big thing. This also encompasses hair, for which I've had several treatments for thinning hair already.

    My body cleared for cravings, 14 of the hormones, and for shower water for the hair. Yay!!! I'm making progress.

    I asked him if he could test to see if my body was resistant to healing. I've identified myself as overly fat, overweight and not at the health level I'd like to be my whole adult life. Who would I be if I were no longer overly fat, overweight, or rid of all diseases & illnesses, in optimal health?

    I think the energy of that can slow healing down or sabotage yourself.

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