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  • ligemst
    ligemst 2 cheers 2017-03-20 14:32:02

    Today I go for treatment #17 and then take a break for probably a month or more. Overall, my energy feels not sluggish. Feeling a little down, but I am inviting God's presence into my day through praise & worship instead of focusing on my problems. God is bigger than all my problems.

    My daughter will be getting NAET Treatments #3 & # 4 for her today and then #5 & #6 tomorrow and #7 on Wednesday, if all goes as planned. That is A LOT in 3 short days and she's going to have to tough out the post treatments. She can do it and I can help her.

    I am looking forward to a break from NAET for myself to give my body time to heal. The post treatments can be a bit challenging.

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