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Eliminate My Allergies

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  • ligemst
    ligemst 2 cheers 2017-04-03 15:38:29

    One of the things I had NAET done was the pain in my left heel. It is nearly gone and really gone as far as I can tell. It's truly amazing. Other than the NAET treatments, not one drop of medication of any type - no cortisone shots, weird socks or shoes, no anything. It did take quite a few treatments because finding the root cause was challenging.

    My body is now working on healing itself with what I've got done so far. It'll probably be at least May before I get anymore NAET treatments.

    I've had to cease my walks and maybe going to do them infrequently. We haven't used NAET or anything to treat my environmental allergies yet and things are in full bloom here.

    Also, the other day I did some sit-ups and there was no motion sickness or nausea. Praise God. The NAET on this DID work. Well, I'll keep testing it and hopefully next time I can do more than 10 sit-ups with my sides cramping up.

    I am very hopeful that by sometime either this year, all the major and many of the minor allergies I have will be completely eliminated. No allergy shots, no medications, no weekly going to get allergy treatments, no expensive serums. All of which band-aid allergies and don't actually get rid of them.

    My daughter's arms are looking MUCH better. Still you can see the signs of eczema and still she's itchy, but far less. The cracks in her skin from the eczema aren't very deep and her skin looks way better. She isn't even halfway through the food allergy eliminations yet, so this is great.

    With all treatments hereafter for her, Dr. A can combine physical allergy stuff with treating emotional allergies with them, too. This will be awesome. So excited for my daughter.

    I've also reminded my husband that he can get allergy treatments for the issues he has, too, as well as our son.

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