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  • ligemst
    ligemst Doing 2 cheers 2017-04-03 15:38:29

    One of the things I had NAET done was the pain in my left heel. It is nearly gone and really gone as far as I can tell. It's truly amazing. Other than the NAET treatments, not one drop of medication of any type - no cortisone shots, weird socks or shoes, no anything. It did take quite a few treatments because finding the root cause was challenging.

    My body is now working on healing itself with what I've got done so far. It'll probably be at least May before I get anymore NAET treatments.

    I've had to cease my walks and maybe going to do them infrequently. We haven't used NAET or anything to treat my environmental allergies yet and things are in full bloom here.

    Also, the other day I did some sit-ups and there was no motion sickness or nausea. Praise God. The NAET on this DID work. Well, I'll keep testing it and hopefully next time I can do more than 10 sit-ups with my sides cramping up.

    I am very hopeful that by sometime either this year, all the major and many of the minor allergies I have will be completely eliminated. No allergy shots, no medications, no weekly going to get allergy treatments, no expensive serums. All of which band-aid allergies and don't actually get rid of them.

    My daughter's arms are looking MUCH better. Still you can see the signs of eczema and still she's itchy, but far less. The cracks in her skin from the eczema aren't very deep and her skin looks way better. She isn't even halfway through the food allergy eliminations yet, so this is great.

    With all treatments hereafter for her, Dr. A can combine physical allergy stuff with treating emotional allergies with them, too. This will be awesome. So excited for my daughter.

    I've also reminded my husband that he can get allergy treatments for the issues he has, too, as well as our son.

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Doing 4 cheers 2017-03-20 17:44:59

    NAET TREATMENT #17 (2017 - #11): Mon, 20-Mar-2017 - ORGANS/GLANDS - 18, HEALTH FEAR MIX

    I cleared the EFT allergy, as well as the 2 remainder Hormones that I was treated for last Friday. I also cleared all the external organs/glands, which is great, but there were 18 internal organs/glands I did not clear:

    • Organ Mix

    • Bladder

    • Gallbladder

    • Iieocecal Valve

    • Large Intestine (Ascending, Descending, Sigmoid, Transverse)

    • Muscles

    • Spleen

    • Gland Mix

    • Lymph

    • Pineal

    • Pituitary

    • Thymus

    • Thyroid

    • Bone Marrow

    So Dr A specifically treated for all these. Most of these things have something to do with the issues I've faced my whole life or adult life - metabolism, the ability to be able to burn fat effectively. I have noted that I am nowhere as strong as I was in my 30s and maybe it's because of the "Muscle" allergy.

    Some of these deal with the immune system, but mostly related to things that can impede bodyfat loss and getting stronger through weightlifting.

    This is all really interesting. Since I cleared all the external organs/glands, I am not limited in physical touch.

    Not really supposed to be thinking about health stuff in the next 25 hrs. This is all I'm going to say regarding health stuff. I'll have another day of not eating any types of meat or fish or poultry. But, I can eat anything else. But, I'm probably going to avoid dairy, too. There are still plenty of things for me to eat.

    My daughter got her #3 Treatment before me. She's being treated for Calcium. This afternoon, she'll get Treatment #4 - Vitamin C. She will have overlaps in her treatments because she only has 3 days to do them. She'll be home Mon-Thurs morning. I can control her environment, but once she's at Grandma's, I won't be able to control her environment and we want to be able to control this because of the post treatment protocols.

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Doing 2 cheers 2017-03-20 14:32:02

    Today I go for treatment #17 and then take a break for probably a month or more. Overall, my energy feels not sluggish. Feeling a little down, but I am inviting God's presence into my day through praise & worship instead of focusing on my problems. God is bigger than all my problems.

    My daughter will be getting NAET Treatments #3 & # 4 for her today and then #5 & #6 tomorrow and #7 on Wednesday, if all goes as planned. That is A LOT in 3 short days and she's going to have to tough out the post treatments. She can do it and I can help her.

    I am looking forward to a break from NAET for myself to give my body time to heal. The post treatments can be a bit challenging.

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Doing 2 cheers 2017-03-18 15:32:24

    Post Treatment #16

    Doing organs/glands mix, I am not able to touch any part of myself with any other part of myself. So, I have been wearing long pants, gloves, long sleeved shirt, a hoodie, long socks. Being that here in the Phoenix area, it's had highs in the 90s lately, this isn't too comfortable.

    Thank God I've been indoors or in the car with A/C. I cannot touch my kids or husband, no kissing any of them, tossling their hair or anything. Last night I did sleep in bed with a long body pillow between my husband and I and I was wearing long yoga pants so I wouldn't accidentally rub my calves together or feet to the calves while sleeping.

    Going to the bathroom, I change out my cotton gloves for thin plastic gloves so I can wipe, but not touch any part of my skin. That's just so weird and challenging.

    One of the things I've learned through all these treatments is that I can go through a big part of my life not conscious of what I'm doing. I think we all do. But, I've had to be very intentional.

    For lunch I just had a potato that my husband cubed for me and sauteed in oil, garlic powder, dill, salt, pepper with refried beans. I was hungry a couple hrs later and had a bowl of oatmeal with honey, a sliced banana, some blackberries, some peanut butter & chocolate powder. That was good, but too sweet because I guess I put too much honey in it.

    For dinner I had a P&J sandwich on whole wheat bread. I miss having real meat protein, but I only have 3 more hours of this. Yay!

    Not complaining because this is certainly more variety than when I did the Amino Acid treatment or a couple others where there were only a handful of things I could consume.

    My head still felt a little itchy. I wanted to do EFT but resisted the urge. I did the SBP every odd waking hour and the times I accidentally touched myself like when I had my glove off and touched my face.

    I still have some pain in my left heel, but less. It feels odd to be so covered up. Even in the winter, I don't like to be too covered up.

    Boy, if I don't clear organs/glands, this means I'll have another day that I have to be all covered up. Still not complaining but it can be challenging to be like this. Hopefully after I clear organs and glands, my body will heal MUCH better and I can see my fasting blood sugars really lower.

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Doing 1 cheers 2017-03-17 18:51:59

    NAET TREATMENT #16 (2017 - #10): Fri, 17-Mar-2017 - 2 REMAINING HORMONES, EFT, ORGANS & GLANDS MIX

    There were still 2 more hormones I did not clear, but I did clear cortisol, estrogren, progesterone, testosterone and the other hormones I did not clear before. The 2 left are estradiol & pregnanolene.

    I noticed on the days I did EFT, heel pain came back. Dr. A tested me for EFT and I do have an allergy to it. He said it could be possibly that I have done too much EFT and my body didn't like it.

    Next on the NAET list to be treated were my organs and glands. There are so many things on this list and I need to eat basically only veggies. I can have bread, too. No meat. Cannot have tofu because that impacts the hormones.

    Cannot have any skin contact, and that includes touching myself in any manner in terms of the skin or hair. Thankfully I can wear gloves, but I need to wear long sleeves, socks, long pants so I don't accidentally touch myself, my feet cannot touch each other, etc.

    No kissing my husband and kids. This is only until 11:30 am tomorrow, so it can be done. Dr. A thinks it will take more than one treatment to clear organs/glands. This includes skin and this is such a big thing. This also encompasses hair, for which I've had several treatments for thinning hair already.

    My body cleared for cravings, 14 of the hormones, and for shower water for the hair. Yay!!! I'm making progress.

    I asked him if he could test to see if my body was resistant to healing. I've identified myself as overly fat, overweight and not at the health level I'd like to be my whole adult life. Who would I be if I were no longer overly fat, overweight, or rid of all diseases & illnesses, in optimal health?

    I think the energy of that can slow healing down or sabotage yourself.

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Doing 1 cheers 2017-03-17 18:42:23

    Post Treatment #15

    Shortly after treatment, my head felt so itchy, as well as my face. My body also felt itchy, too, but less. Got a headache and I was drinking enough water.

    Still feeling tired. Oh, I forgot, one of the hormones I did not clear in #14 was cortisol. I've had issues with too high cortisol levels, which I'm going to think it has something to do with the diabetes.

    Sometimes after EMDR, I feel incredibly motivated, but with the NAET treatments, I don't know if it's because so much energetic stuff is happening in my body, reprogramming, but I've felt sort of lazy, tired and unmotivated.

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Doing 1 cheers 2017-03-15 22:07:10


    I cleared most of hormones, but he actually treated me for over 120 hormones. There were 16 hormones that I didn't clear, which 3 of the major ones were testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. Cleared the insulin and insulin type hormones, but not glucogan or something like that, so he treated me for this this time.

    He says it doesn't look like a good sign that I will clear all 16 of those hormones left in this treatment. We will see.

    My body feels so tired.

    He says my body is not allergic to Dr. Pepper, so he treated me for cravings.

    And, he says there is still something that shows up as a contactant for the thinning hair issue I have. He narrowed it down to shower water, but not sure. He treated me for that.

    I cleared at least 104 hormones and for the 2 emotional issues from last time. That's good.

    My head has been so itchy, as well as my face and body now for the past 4 hrs since treatment. Hopefully that goes away soon.

    I need to not take a shower, nor get my head wet. Also, I need to do the Hormone post treatment protocol, which means only eating non-hormonal proteins, if I eat any type of meat. No dairy. Can't remember what else.

    Could really use a nap, but no time.

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Doing 1 cheers 2017-03-15 13:27:50

    Today I have my next NAET treatment as well as on Friday and then I am taking a break for a few weeks or so. My body feels so tired and the things we are doing is moving A LOT of energy.

    Yesterday I was incredibly tired. I missed one shot of my diabetes med and my sugars are off, way off, at least for me. Fasting blood sugars are high. I don't know if treating for all this stuff in Acupuncture is confusing my body as it's been used to being allergic to all this sugar stuff and not processing things well and now it can.

    Hopefully I cleared Hormones and we can move to Organs & Glands. Dr. A said it's possible I won't clear Hormones or Organs/Glands in one treatment.

    My heel began hurting some after I did EFT yesterday. As I walked yesterday morning for an hour, my heel wasn't feeling great, which is the opposite of what had been happening. Meaning, when I walk for an extended period of time, my heel feels better.

    I was listening to EFT audios all day yesterday and did the tapping in many of the times they tapped. Not sure if that's more my body detoxing energetically. Took a near 3 hr sleep yesterday morning and it took a phone call from my husband at lunch to wake me up.

    Not sure if it's the higher sugars that are causing me to be tired along with the diabetes, or my body is detoxing or the combination or what. It stinks to be so tired. I'm used to be high energy and the low energy makes me want to do nothing.

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Doing 1 cheers 2017-03-11 15:22:40


    I cleared all the things that Dr. A treated me for on Wednesday - Bases, Heat, Emotional Event with my dad when I was 3 yrs old. This is awesome.

    I'm finding it much easier lately to clear things. Though I did not have to do the SBP, I did do the SBP at the top of every odd waking hour, as it only takes 5 minutes. And, I also did the SBP if I messed up, as I was not supposed to think or talk about my dad for 25 hrs and I talked to him briefly twice.

    The SBP helps reset the energy or something like that so my body can continue to process the "allergies to whatever was treated".

    I'm also drinking plenty of water, but not excessively, just when my body tells me to. One of the key things which I wish I realized this at the beginning was not to keep pushing your body, even if it's an intense workout. Gentle, gentle, gentle treatment of my body as it processes to eliminate the allergen.

    Friday Dr. A treated me for Hormone Mix and this was HUGE, a lot of hormones, probably close to 50+ different kinds that your body has. He says sometimes this takes a couple treatments. I hope for me it's only this one treatment.

    The 2 emotional issues dealt with men who were in authority over me in my profession as a mechanical engineer and with my past church. Dr. A said they were specifically men, so we started with the most recent past for each and there was something there. Didn't go further back than that, but may need to at some later point in time.

    During Wednesday's treatment, these 2 emotional issues being dealt with on Friday had something to do with Thinning Hair for me. Hopefully that's it and my scalp will begin to soon sprout new hair in areas it hasn't in a long time and fill in all the balding/thinning areas where there should be hair.

    Also, I asked him if he could test me regarding the topic boundaries and my issues with the consequences of poor boundaries I had, as they led to really bad things in a multiple of cases. I really want to break this pattern and establish and enforce healthy boundaries in my life in all areas.

    Plus, I know that due to my poor boundaries, the energy of those traumas reside in my body still some, and I want to clear those energies out so this doesn't impede me with having healthy boundaries in my life.

    Since my birthday is Monday, and I want to eat and do what I want without restrictions, not having a session then. I want to get treated through Glands/Organs before I take a real break from NAET.

    I believe if I can clear Hormones, Glands/Organs, my body will function MUCH better and begin to heal from the effects of diabetes. Though my body is no longer allergic to Sugars and can digest & metabolize sugars as it should, my hormones, organs & glands all play a large part also in the diabetes.

    I doubt that when I take my A1C near the end of May that it will be under 6.0, but if it can get to that, it would be awesome. I tried to go a week without my diabetes shot (not insulin), but even with clearing the sugar stuff, my sugar level is still too high. I took the shot Friday morning as when I took my fasted sugar, it was 213. This morning it was 176. So it is coming down and that shot does help me lower my blood sugar.

    Gotta give my body time to heal and just a few days isn't enough. Insulin is a hormone and my body is attempting to clear that allergy. So, I must continue to give myself the weekly shots.

    Anyway, feeling so very tired right now and maybe I ought to just go back to sleep?

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Doing 1 cheers 2017-03-08 18:30:10


    I cleared all the things that Dr. A treated me for on Monday. Yippee!! I was unsure about the THINNING HAIR - BRAIN/HEAD thing that I would clear that due to a hard discussion with my husband, but I guess doing the SBP right afterwards really helped me.

    Although I didn't need to do SBP at all after Treatment #12, I still did it at the top of every odd waking hour. I'm thinking that is helping the energy flow better in my body. And, I'm finding I'm getting back to drinking water more frequently and listening to when my body wants water is also helping me clear treatments better.

    Today it was my plan to see if my body will let it be treated for ACIDS and HEAT. Wanted to get treated for my allergy to HEAT before it actually gets hot. At least for the next 10 days, it's supposed to be in the upper 80s, though the lows in the next couple days to be in the high 50s and then after that the 60s.

    It's better to be treated for HEAT when it's not hot as I'm supposed to avoid all "hot" foods, any temperature wise foods that are warm or hot. Only to eat foods that are temperature wise room temp or cold.

    And since I'm doing BASE allergies, I have to avoid any BASE foods, which are all veggies, eggs, dairy. So I will be just eating sandwiches comprised of meat, bread and mustard. Not too bad. I can do this for 25 hrs.

    And, I told Dr. A about an incident when I was 3 yrs old with my father while I was in Los Angeles' China Town. That's pretty strong. It could be tied to some of my allergies.

    I'm to avoid communications with my dad and thinking too much about him for the next 25 hrs - until after 11:30 am tomorrow.

    Hopefully I'll clear all this in this one treatment.

    Dr. A and I also talked about disappointment, failure and responsibility and what comes up there is that it's tied to THINNING HAIR for me. They are authority type figures and one has to deal with my former church and another my former manager at my last engineering job.

    My body wouldn't let Dr. A treat for that today, so hopefully we can treat for that on Friday.

    It's my goal on Friday to treat for those 2 things as well as to HORMONES. If my body will let him treat for ANIMALS, that would be great, too.

    Oh, maybe 1 treatment next week for ORGANS/GLANDS, NUTS, CAFFEINE, COFFEE, CHOCOLATE. I don't know if that's too much for one treatment, but that would be great just one treatment there.

    Then, after that treatment, I'll give my body a break for a couple weeks or a month. Then, there will be probably another 1 more treatment for food that I can see and then deal with environmental things in April.

    My plans are to get my daughter 3 treatments for Spring Break. If we can do more, that would be great.

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