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  • danita
    danita 2 cheers 2017-06-16 19:46:15

    6-14-2017 (Wednesday)

    Abs: (Daily)
    Mini crunches (with alternating foot raises): 100 reps/3 sets
    Elbow-to-Knee side-to-side crunch: 100 reps/3 sets
    Bike crunches: 100 reps/3 sets
    Hip raises/hip thrust: 50 reps/3 sets
    Scissor kicks: 50 reps/3 sets

    Stretches: (Daily)
    Standing quad stretch (60 secs)
    Lying quad stretch (60 secs)

    Cardio: (Daily)
    Fitness Blender: "Fat Burning Cardio Step Workout" 12:31/4 sets
    Journey Gym: "20 Min Extreme Full Body Workout" - Squat/Knee up 20 reps/1 set

    Bicep Curl: 15 reps/3 sets (w/5 lbs)
    Alternating Bicep Curl: 15 reps/3 sets (w/10 lbs)

    Legs: (Daily)
    Walking high kicks 10 reps/4 sets
    Toe touch 60 secs/4 sets

    Pushups: (Daily)
    Standard Pushup: 17 reps/3 sets

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