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Go Through Every Drawer, Cabinet In The House and Declutter, Organize

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  • ligemst
    ligemst 1 cheers 2017-03-24 22:13:45

    The kids got their bathroom cabinet done. I got all the kitchen cabinets done this morning. There were 15 cabinets in the kitchen to go through. I have a small box of stuff for donation and I had 1 bag and 1 box of stuff for trash and recycle, respectively.

    Also got all the laundry done that was in the house. The kids will probably do another 1-2 loads over the weekend, but they are at Grandma's right now.

    I really wanted all the baseboards in the house cleaned and the floors mopped, but that's not going to happen this weekend. Maybe next weekend.

    By going through the cabinets, I was able to clear up some room so that some of the appliances that were on the counter tops that aren't used often were able to go in the cabinets. And, since I cleared out some room, I was able to readjust how some things were stored, which makes more sense.

    The kitchen looks fabulous!!!!

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