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  • withoutwings96
    withoutwings96 Doing 0 cheers 2018-02-14 17:41:12

    February 14
    •Cardio Warm Up+Joint Warm Up 💃
    •Camel Hip
    •Hip Shimmy
    •Glute Accents Seesaw
    •Hip Slide, Lift and Maya Drills
    •Chest Slides, Lifts, Eights Drills

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  • Sparkle16
    Sparkle16 Doing 2 cheers 2017-10-07 15:09:59

    Ok, this has been on the back burner but I am going to make some enquiries about some dance classes. I don't know if I will be any good Esp as I am carrying extra weight but fuck it can't wait anymore. I would like to try it for a few sesssions. And after say 5 sessions if it's not for me then I can walk away. I think I will struggle but despite that I would hope that I would still enjoy the classes and improve with time. I would love nothing more than to dance well and move to the rythem of beautiful sexy Latino music. I know I am a rubbish dancer right now but you can learn and improve if you really want to

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  • Sparkle16
    Sparkle16 Doing 0 cheers 2017-08-23 19:47:00

    think i will try and look into the local latin dance class near me this week and sign up for a beginner class. i think they even do one on one beginner class if you would like that before joining the dance group so you go in with a little bit of basic moves dance knowlege. i might look into that too. im quite excited about this goal &#xsmile;

    i was going to inititially go with my colleague to the place she goes but its closer to where she lives and it is out of my way and i dont drive so will be more expensive ultimately. i rather go to the place thats local to me

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  • Sparkle16
    Sparkle16 Doing 0 cheers 2017-08-15 22:49:21

    was supposed to do the kizomba dance class this thursday with a colleuge from work this thursday but i have postponed it till next week due to a injury i have been suffering with for a week and a half now that i havent posted on here about. i thought it would have healed by now but it hasnt.

    what happened was last sunday a week and a half ago i went with my cousin and her 2 kids, a 3 year old (my godson) and his 1 year old brother to this soft play area for the kids to play in. because they are so young we always go into the soft play area and follow them about and join in with them to make sure they dont get hurt jumping about with all the other kids around.

    so i am following my god son and he goes down this steep soft play ramp and lands happily at the bottom. so i follow him down this ramp, but i go sliding on it fast and land hard on my butt. and as soon as it happened i was in pain! i was like omg that was sore. i landed hard on my coccyx i think. my tail bone lol. instead of my nice cushiony padded big butt. it was so painful even as i got up. was shocked. but i pulled through it even though it hurt and all. i should have known to some how brake with my feet at the bottom but no i just went sliding down and landed hard on my butt. ever since that, it hurts when ever i sit down and get up. bend down to pick things up. or walk very fast let alone try to run. even getting in and out the bath hurts or just to get comfortable in the bath or laying in my bed. there is no bruising that i can see of but it must be an internal bruising, but a week and a half later it still hurts to do basic things. i can do these things but i have to do it slowly lol to lesson the pain. so annoyed by it and thought it would be gone by now but it hasnt. i hope it will heal soon, and i didnt somehow break my tail bone or somehting. but i think i would be in more excruciating unbearable pain i think,

    anyway for that reason i have decided i cant do the dance class cos there is no way i can do any swinging or gyrating hip movements lol cos it would hurt. at the picnic on sunday i opted to play a easier game called molinki instead of playing rounders cos i new it would hurt more. even at the picnic i got uncomfortable sitting on the grass a bit and had to keep trying more comfortable positions and eventually i just stood up for the rest of the afternoon or joined in the molinki game or was cheering the others in the rounders game. i am very competitive when it comes to sports and team games despite my weight so i was gutted i couldnt join in but i knew it would hurt to much and i wouldnt be much use. so i am jsut suffering through it and hoping it will be gone by next week so i can do the dance class. what an embarresing injury lol. only me can do this to myself lol

    but yeah thats why i am not doing the class this week. hope it heals soon and i am not dealing with this for a month. if its still ongoing next week i will prob go to the docter, right now i am like an old woman trying to sit down, lay down and get up. so much for soft play. not so soft for me, ha ha

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  • Sparkle16
    Sparkle16 Doing 1 cheers 2017-08-12 17:53:09

    so one of my managers at work was telling us about a dance class she goes to every week, and i was very interested and asking her lots of questions. and i was telling her i wanted to do salsa and bachata dance classes in the near future and i love listening to latino music etc so she said why dont i go with her to the kizomba class she goes to next week and try it out! kisomba is a popular angolan dance style. it is a very sensual style of dancing. and the music is sung in portuguese.

    so i am kind of excited about that. there are about 100 people in the class and there is a good male female mix. if i like the music i am gonna try and find it on spotify in a bid to improve my portuguese too. but yeah looking foreward to it and getting to know this manager better. she is not my manager but a manager at my work she is older than me, but she has the personality i like and someone i like as a person who enjoys her life.

    so yeah should be good even if i make a fool of myself dancing lol. gotta start somewhere.

    i am going out of my way to go the place she goes to. if i like this i might go a few more times with her to this place. but ultimately i am gonna go to the latino dance classes place that is closer to where i live. hopefully sooner rather than later. i was planning on putting it off for awhile until ive lost some weight as i feel its hard to dance when ur heavy. let alone feel attractive and dance sensually. but what the hell lets start now with this. nice that she invited me to go where she goes.

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  • Sparkle16
    Sparkle16 Doing 0 cheers 2017-08-05 16:53:26

    so i dont think i am a particularly great dancer at all. and being overweight makes me feel a bit silly dancing and holds me back i feel. so i wanna get back in the gym and work on my fitness a bit. i might even look into doing some zumba but i dont know about that yet. but ultimately once i feel fit enough i wanna join a latin salsa dance club and learn to dance salsa and bachata and reggaeton and all of those types of latin dances that i think is so great. would love to learn to dance like that. but i dont think i am ready physically to join it yet. but definately it is on the cards for me. would be fun. never been a particularly great dancer so i would love to learn this. and its great fitness too. plus great way to meet new people too.

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  • tanyaarora
    tanyaarora Doing 1 cheers 2017-03-14 02:28:13

    Joined RPD Bhangra academy, learnt the basics of Bhangra and performed twice on stage

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