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List three things every day that make me happy

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  • tracydawn17
    tracydawn17 2 cheers 2017-06-18 21:09:33

    June 14th - Holiday Day 3

    1. Had my hair cut. Having my hair cut always makes me feel better.

    2. Going to see the New Baywatch film. So funny. "Helllooooo Zac Efron."

    3. Getting together my stuff ready for my trip to Nottingham / Lincoln.

    June 15th - Holiday Day 4

    1. Getting the bus to the train station. It's been ages since I'd been on a bus I actually really enjoyed it.

    2. The train journey to Nottingham. Some lovely scenery.

    3. Meeting up with my oldest friend in Nottingham with her husband and twin daughters. Great to be able to spent time with them. She reminded me that we've been friends for 25 years now... How quick do the years go?

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