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List three things every day that make me happy

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  • mar777
    mar777 Doing 1 cheers 2018-02-21 18:56:43

    1. Finishing a book

    2. Positive people and positive energy

    3. Snow blizard outside, worm bad and movies inside 🙂

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  • OrdinarySoul
    OrdinarySoul Doing 2 cheers 2018-02-21 18:47:41

    1. getting to 100% completion on comptia study.

    2. sunshine outside.

    3. watching TV with my cat.

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  • hercat66
    hercat66 Doing 3 cheers 2018-02-21 06:29:44

    1. watching my wife's tattoo cover piece coming together. She had a mess on her arm and our tattoo artist is truly an artist. He's doing incredible work. She still has at least 3 more sessions, but it's already looking beautiful.

    2. coming home to find that my thoughtful wife had made the chicken salad for our lunches for the next few days

    3. A good night at work helping people. Feels good to do something for other people.

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  • mar777
    mar777 Doing 4 cheers 2018-02-20 21:09:03

    1. very stresfull day finally finished with smiles and jokes

    2. catching a tram and bus at the right time and manage to come home within an hour

    3. Chilling at home infront of TV

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  • diamondlightfoot
    diamondlightfoot Doing 5 cheers 2018-02-20 12:40:52

    1. Black Panther. Great movie!

    2. Having spent the weekend off work and with Harlan.

    3. Catching up on a few shows. Another busy day today.

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  • hercat66
    hercat66 Doing 4 cheers 2018-02-20 07:22:26

    1. Went to our favourite Vape shop and visited with an old friend that we haven't seen in a couple of months.

    2. Got a good jump on my new menu planning that I will need to start next Monday. Upping my calories from about 1500/day to 2200/day for my new weight training program.

    3. A wonderful night binge watching American Horror Story.

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  • mar777
    mar777 Doing 6 cheers 2018-02-19 18:45:53

    1. Nice and not stressful shift today filled with positive people

    2. Coffee with colleague and one funny dog &#xsmile;

    3. Afternoon chill with a book and coffee while it's raining outside

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  • hercat66
    hercat66 Doing 5 cheers 2018-02-19 08:49:28

    1. A wonderful distress line shift today. I really felt that I was able to help.

    2. All the dishes done and the kitchen looking great

    3. Some reading time

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  • jadedforever
    jadedforever Doing 4 cheers 2018-02-19 04:23:16

    1) Being under the weather but being able to sleep anyway!

    2) A nap & a dream!

    3) Soup & coffee!

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  • hercat66
    hercat66 Doing 4 cheers 2018-02-18 06:31:51

    1. finishing a book

    2. a really busy night at work. I took 35 calls which means I helped 35 people tonight. That's a huge amount of calls for the 6 hour shift which is what I'm on.

    3. A relaxing night with my wife. Chatting, laughing and comfortable silence.

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