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  • ligemst
    ligemst 2 cheers 2017-04-24 19:41:34


    I am beginning to think my love of Dr. Pepper is actually something demonic. I'm obsessing over it and I don't really know why. Asking God to reveal to me why I love drinking this drink so much.

    It's not good for me, yet I want it. It's this and Pringles that I have issues with. It's easier to not buy Pringles than it is to NOT buy Dr. Pepper. There are convenience stores, fast food drive thru's where you can easily get Dr. Peppers.

    I know my body will be so much better without this drink that is full of empty calories. It's not about logic here, rather the emotions. I don't feel like I have anxiety. My life is good and I'm not worried.

    Or, is it because I'm content and happy that I want Dr. Pepper? In the past, it was when I was low energy and not getting enough sleep or that I was stressed. I'm not any of those now, but I still want this stuff.

    It's aggravating. I've been doing EFT on this and even had some acupuncture on this. Addiction still there. I feel like a prisoner to this addiction.


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