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  • ligemst
    ligemst 2 cheers 2017-04-25 14:49:35

    EFT & Prayer for Dr. Pepper Addiction

    So I'm randomly doing EFT for this addiction and also praying, asking God to reveal to me the roots of this Dr. Pepper addiction. Not sure if He has, but I did pray on my attitude yesterday.

    This morning I did EFT alternating statements on "Water is good. Dr. Pepper is bad." I'm grasping at straws. Repented for my attitude and asked God for healing for my sinful, rotten attitudes.

    Today I have my women's Bible study and they are free sodas and water. Last week I got water. I pray I get water again today. Been tapping on how good clean drinking water is, how it's refreshing, satisfying.

    Had a Dr. Pepper Saturday afternoon, so I did make it almost 7 days without Dr. Pepper. Then Sunday evening when picking up my son from a chess tournament, I got a Dr. Pepper. Was so disappointed in myself.

    However, Monday was a new day and I was successful at not drinking this drink and resorting to water instead. Today is also another new day and so far at 7:51 am, I'm good.

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