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  • ligemst
    ligemst 6 cheers 2017-04-27 12:37:10

    God Has Shown Up Once Again

    God has always amazed me as to how He works, how He communicates with me. I've really been in turmoil over being addicted to Dr. Pepper addiction. During my weekly EMDR session, I shared again that I was frustrated with drinking Dr. Pepper but we didn't directly address this in our session as we addressed just a seething type anger that seems to be coming out passive aggressively.

    The Women's Bible study I'm in where we have been studying about being an Intentional Woman God's way has been so enlightening and since I began last Aug'16, I have been changing and as a result, my marriage has been transforming into something better and better and parenting has gotten better, too.

    It has been truly wonderful, but a lot of work. So the next thing God reveals to me in EMDR is that He wants me to have a quiet and gentle spirit. That is not something right now I can use to describe me as I have a lot of conversations silently in my head. But those conversations often rile me up as they have sort of an Entitlement attitude.

    So now I am, in between EMDR sessions, aggressively tackling this nasty entitlement attitude through prayer, soaking prayer, Bible study, and EFT. Since that EMDR session, I've not wanted to have any Dr. Pepper. Prior to this, at least the past few months, it's mainly been willpower and an obsession with wanting Dr. Pepper.

    God has been so patient with me. When I begin to be impatient with my husband and kids, I am reminded gently by God of how patient He's been to me.

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