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  • danita
    danita 1 cheers 2017-06-18 18:28:37

    6-18-2017 (Sunday)

    My current stats are:

    162.5 lbs (Weight): -15.2 lbs.
    30.1% (Body Fat): -3.7
    32.9% (Muscle Mass): +1.2
    49.0% (Water): +2.0

    10.5 lbs to go! My goal weight is 148-152 lbs.

    Things that might impact my weight today:
    1- Did you eat any snacks yesterday?: Yes
    2- Did you exercise yesterday?: Yes

    Stay hydrated (current goal: 96 oz/day)
    1- How much water did you drink yesterday? -- oz (didn't measure)

    Here's a snapshot of the last five days from my Weight Gurus app (double-click to expand)...

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