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  • wyverndust
    wyverndust 2 cheers 2017-05-13 08:22:49

    @ligemst do you get to criticize him and give him a report card too? this upsets me a great deal because I know you give 110% to everything you do. I don't like thinking that the person you love the most is hurting you with criticism and not recognizing your efforts. Although my partner often tells me that I don't listen. I do listen I just have a mind of my own and I have to learn the hard way sometimes. It should not be a one way street and you should get credit for your substantial efforts.

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    • ligemst
      ligemst Doing 2 cheers 2017-05-13 16:46:06

      @wyverndust No, he does not get to give me a report card. Each of us wives and mothers in my Bible study were to give the "Wife Report Card" to our husbands and ask for honest feedback.

      Though his report card of me for 3 items did make me cry, it did make me realize that I am not that great of a listener not just to him, but to our kids and others. It's a challenge to get hard feedback, but I really want to improve and though I give my all when I set a goal, I really fell short here.

      IF I would just LISTEN before I react, I think I would do MUCH better with each of those 3 things and I aim to do just that. It's against my nature, but I want to continually become a better person.

      I have calmed down the past 2-3 yrs, but I still have a ways to go. I sort of repress my feelings some, so then it just builds up. I need to be able to effectively discuss my issues without becoming all emotionally crazy, then I don't make a whole lot of sense.

      The persons I become the most emotionally crazy with are my husband and kids. They get the best of me, but they also get the worst of me. With these 3 goals, I need to be very aware of what I'm doing and feeling, and be very intentional if I'm going to make progress on them.

      I was asking HIM for feedback. He wasn't asking for my feedback. Sometimes he does and I tell him and it's not always negative. It's never been in the form of like a piece of paper with a rating system like I gave him for me. I solicited that information and feedback from him. It's all good.

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