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  • sashasteedly
    sashasteedly 6 cheers 2017-06-09 13:15:13

    Ok this hard. I used to make new friend so easily. Some true seismic shifts in life caused a lot of old friendships to die. Then I moved 3 hours away. I am a non-driver. I have NOTHING in common with anyone here so far. I have been here two years!

    Afraid of being hurt again. Despite having a great hubby I AM LONELY really lonely.
    So trying something TOTALLY new and reach out to positive people.

    This site seems perfect.

    Sooooo hello hello! So nice to meet you.

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    • oyeathatgirl
      oyeathatgirl 2 cheers 2017-06-09 16:36:47

      @sashasteedly In a way, it's a little bit comforting to me to hear that even though you have a husband, you're totally lonely (I'm sorry you're lonely though and don't wish it on you!) because sometimes I feel like if I had a husband/boyfriend/person in my life I wouldn't be so lonely. I moved to a new town a year ago and totally thought I'd be in a different place socially than I am now. I totally relate to your situation!

      I work nights, don't drink or sleep around or go clubbing (which seems to be all that the people my age do). I was making progress I felt like, but now I just feel stuck.

      There is something super comforting about considering and making steps toward goals and turning your attention to tasks that interest you during a time like this, so I'm totally embracing this site for now, it's fun!

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      • oladapo
        oladapo Doing 1 cheers 2017-06-11 22:22:00

        @oyeathatgirl It's a nice suggestion but I'll implore you to have someone to talk to, someone U can share Ur heart with, someone that can relief Ur heart from heavy thoughts...you know problem shared is half solved and besidesdomeone might develop mental sickness like depression which is more dangerous. Am talking from experience. Can we be friends?

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