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Pantry: Install New Shelving, Declutter, Organize

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Done 0 cheers 2017-04-24 13:32:24

    I've done this!

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Done 3 cheers 2017-03-25 01:01:23

    I didn't get to this today, but I did do our taxes. The kitchen looks great inside and out. Our kitchen has never looked this wonderful. Did all the laundry. I'm tired.

    Not sure if I will get to this before the end of Spring Break unless I do it tomorrow. Anyway, it will be okay if I do not.

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Done 4 cheers 2017-03-22 13:48:34

    My husband came home from work yesterday not feeling well and he's home today. So, not getting anything done here. An excuse. The real thing is I just felt lazy. Maybe Thursday I'll get to this when he's back at work.

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Done 3 cheers 2017-03-21 15:04:26

    Plans are to complete the decluttering and organizing today.

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Done 3 cheers 2017-03-03 13:41:19

    I was going to do this yesterday, go through the few shelves and all the Tupperware, as well as the bins of cleaning stuff, but I was too comfy on the couch after talking with my husband on the phone for his lunch to get up and do it. He encouraged me to not do anything. He LOVES to hear when I've done nothing and just relaxed, as it's not something I normally do. He likes to see me relaxed.

    Instead, I chose to go to Costco, Discount Tires, and Auto Zone after a short bit. Maybe today or the weekend or next week?

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    • wyverndust
      wyverndust 1 cheers 2017-03-13 05:16:36

      @ligemst I remember how happy I felt when I took everything out of our pantry, cleaned the shelves, and got rid of all the expired stuff. I have not let it get out of control again like it was, but it is a little messier now then it was that day when I cleaned it. It was amazing to find everything. Also I found out I had bought some things that got hidden in the back, and luckily we found it before it was spoiled so we can still use it. Not sure why I kept stuffing more things in there and piling it haphazardly. Stuff was falling out all the time and making a mess. Now it is so much nicer! I get happy every time I see it now. my next area to organize will be all our junk drawers. not looking forward to that one!

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    • ligemst
      ligemst Done 2 cheers 2017-03-13 12:25:54

      @wyverndust I'm looking forward to organizing things a bit better. I threw out a bunch of stuff already and most things are off the floor. I go into the pantry now and can fully open the door and I have room to breathe. So amazing.

      The process of decluttering and organizing isn't pretty I think for most people, me included. But, the energy of being organized, not having things that do not serve you, etc is exhilarating.

      Glad you'll be tackling your junk drawers soon. :)

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Done 2 cheers 2017-03-02 13:35:03

    I probably could organize and declutter more in the pantry. So I'm not going to mark this as done yet. I'm not completely satisfied.

    Perhaps I could go through the Tupperware area and organize that better. There are several cleaning bins and I could go through those and toss things I don't like or use.

    The canned goods are organized, but there are some other areas that could use better organization.

    My husband was negative in saying that he didn't think I could keep it organized for too long. The thing is, other areas that do get organized, I am able to maintain that organization fairly decently.

    Except for his bullet area, like his clothes, he tosses them into piles in a couple areas in our room. I hate that and put things up. I don't like piles of clothes lying around. Either put them in the hamper or hang the stuff or put them in a drawer.

    All my clothes in the dressers and closet are all neatly organized.

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Done 0 cheers 2017-03-01 19:15:14

    I am going to complete this today. The shelving is installed thanks to J, my handyman. He needs to put two more brackets up, but ran out so he needs to go get them.

    However, he's putting up 2 shelves in my son's room to display his Rubik's cubes and model airplanes right now.

    Afterwards, he's going to clean out the bathroom fan in the master bath. He says the one I have is a bear to put back on is awful and then I asked if he could do it, too today. He laughed. I said, even though it's a pain for him, he's getting paid for it.

    Then, he hopefully can find another wheel for my screen door in the master bedroom to fix that. And, I think he has some board left to add an extra shelf to my son's desk. Lastly, to install the battery powered light above the kitchen sink.

    That will knock of 5 things off my "J's To Do List".

    I still want the following things done:

    • Misting System for the back porch

    • 2 Solar Sun Screens on the west and east sides of the porch

    • Install solar screens on the south, east, west windows. (I need to take measurements and get these made first).

    • Shelving in the Garage

    I think later this March, he can tackle probably the first 3 items. Shelving will be maybe in April or later.

    I'm really excited to have the extra shelving in my pantry. It looks great and not tacky. Hopefully I can get most of the stuff I had on the floor off and onto that top shelf. Yay!!

    Will take before and after pictures.

    Right now, I have a bunch of stuff on my dining table and it looks simply awful. Can't wait to put all the stuff back into the pantry and I will probably be tossing out some things. Threw out some basmati and sushi rice. They had bugs in them. Yuck!

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  • ligemst
    ligemst Done 0 cheers 2017-02-28 03:55:00

    I have scheduled for my handyman to get this done on Wednesday. Hope this comes to fruition. Will also have him install a couple shelves for my son in his room for his planes and Rubiks cubes.

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