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Participate in at least one bike or running event per month through 2017

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Participate in at least one bike or running event per month through 2017

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  • bob1623
    bob1623 Done 0 cheers 2018-01-16 20:01:53

    I've done this!

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  • bob1623
    bob1623 Done 5 cheers 2017-10-03 12:19:22

    October - Autumn Classic Duathlon

    I got my October event in early this month doing this duathlon this past Sunday. It was a beautiful fall day for the race. It was my first time doing this race and I picked a great day to race it.

    The course was tough, especially the bike route. Even though it was only 10 miles, it was a bit hilly and I am not used to racing on hills. By the second time around on the bike I was really feeling it.

    I got this done and now I think I will rest a bit through the remainder of October. My back and hips have been hurting since the half marathon, so resting my body a bit from racing is needed.

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    • Andia
      Andia 1 cheers 2017-10-03 14:58:18

      @bob1623 I hate to hear that your back is still giving you grief! Glad you were able to see through your commitment to the goal though.

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      • bob1623
        bob1623 Done 2 cheers 2017-10-03 22:33:45

        @Andia Thanks for your kind words. I think I am my own worst enemy here. I need to let up a bit and give my body a chance to heal up, but I keep on pushing to do all these running and biking adventures. That on top of a bunch of projects at home just keep the pain coming.

        I hope in October now I can let up a bit.

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  • bob1623
    bob1623 Done 6 cheers 2017-09-20 22:48:49

    September - Mighty Niagara Half Marathon

    This month is our running groups destination race, the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon. We had about 14 of us travel up to Four Mile Creek State Park near Youngstown for this event. As with anything, there was both good and bad.

    The Good:
    The course was excellent, fairly flat, good crowd support, lots of water stops, especially in the second half. We camped in the park so we could enjoy the time away from home for an extra day. The post race party was excellent also. Lots of food, good music and all the beer you could drink!! And no waiting in a line for a beer either. Just walk up and grab a glass. That was awesome.

    The Bad:
    The day was blazing hot. By the time I had 3 miles to go it had to have been 80°F. It really slowed me down and everyone for that matter. At one point, I thought I was going to loss it. I did take extra walk breaks in this last part of the race. I did finish and I had a decent finish time. It was not great, but I really was grateful to just finish.

    The other thing bad for me was the back problems I was having the morning of the race. I woke up that morning in a lot of pain. Any normal person most likely would not have run. Not me. I'm either very stupid or very stubborn, maybe both. But the pain subsided after the first mile or so and I was able to keep going. (I am paying for it though with several days of pain and agony. It makes even walking painful now. I am taking a few rest days now.)

    All in all, the whole group had a great time. Everyone finished the race and no one had to DNF. I might even do this race again. I mean, all the beer you can drink and all you have to do is run 13.1 miles! That is a pretty good deal in my book.

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    • aloha50
      aloha50 1 cheers 2017-09-21 00:17:04

      @bob1623 it amazes me how you can go through so much pain and still consider doing another one. I did my first and only half marathon in 2011. Friends met up with us at various parts of the course and we drank a beer with them. I ended up having 4 beers and finishing in 2.5 hours. I never had a desire to do another one, but I hope I have another 10k up my sleeve one day.
      Congratulations to you! Good Job!

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      • bob1623
        bob1623 Done 1 cheers 2017-09-21 11:43:54

        @aloha50 Thanks. I guess I never really consider that running causes pain, yet I do know there is pain in running. It is just when you stop, it all kind of goes away. Kind of like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.

        My finish time here was 2:20:14 or so. I'm not fast by any stretch.

        We had a great time. I guess that is what brings me back. Maybe there is a goal here; top reasons to run.

        Maybe I'll see you at the starting line some day. A 10K would be a nice race.

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    • Andia
      Andia 0 cheers 2017-09-21 12:20:59

      @bob1623 amazing feat considering the pain, but it's is part of your character makeup to follow-through. That can serve you so well in life!

      I love that you have a group you do this with. It must make it fun having the comraderie.

      The after party sounds like fun! Worth the pain of the moment. ;)

      Good job! Another month another feat.

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  • bob1623
    bob1623 Done 1 cheers 2017-08-30 19:16:13

    August - AIDS Red Ribbon Ride

    This 5 day cycling event is my #1 event for 2017. We ride about 370 miles through the Finger Lakes region of New York State. It is a very beautiful part of the state with many lakes, vineyards, and farms.

    It was a great ride this year with great people, great weather and a great cause. I met my fundraising goal with the help of many good friends. I could not do it without them.

    My friend P rode about 80% of the miles right along side me. The other 20% I was struggling to catch up to her as she climbed those hills oh so effortlessly. She loves to climb. It was awesome to ride together. And other riders were with us parts of each day too.

    There is a great staff that looks after us on the road too. They are there with food and drink if needed, fixing flats and just cheering us on along the way, especially at the top of those crazy hills. They feed s great too. I eat so good (and vegan) on this ride.

    And I did ride every mile, and up every hill. (Down the hills also, but that is kind of the easy part.) I did reach a top speed of 46.7 mph on one nice downhill. And we did discover that every awesome downhill ends abruptly with a stop sign. I guess that is kind of to be expected.

    I'm not sure if I am doing this ride again next year. A lot can happen in a years time. We are always looking for new riders so if anyone is interested, let me know. If someone here shows interest, it would spur me on to ride again.

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  • bob1623
    bob1623 Done 4 cheers 2017-08-13 15:09:42

    July - ADK Metric Century

    I realized I never had an "official" event for July. What with the surgery recovery at the beginning of July and vacation a few weeks later, I never was able to register for any races or rides.

    But during vacation, a friend came to visit and we went on a nice long ride. I call it the Adirondack Metric Century. We just followed route 28 to Blue Mountain Lake. It is about 25 miles from where we are staying. There is an epic hill there, about 1.2 mile long where the grade waffles between 8 and 12%. We traveled a bit farther so with the ride back we would be over 100 Km (62 miles).

    I will use this as my July event. It is a once in awhile activity, just like any other event I might take part in.

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    • Andia
      Andia 1 cheers 2017-08-14 23:08:55

      @bob1623 that had to be a hard, but beautiful ride.

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      • bob1623
        bob1623 Done 3 cheers 2017-08-15 12:35:31

        @Andia I would say it was hard, but parts were challenging. This map makes it look like we rode through a forest, but we were on some decently paved roads. And we both have nice road bikes, which makes the riding much easier. But we did run into some nice steep hills.

        The scenery was beautiful as you mentioned. Looking out from the road over the lakes never gets old. I could ride this route every day.

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  • bob1623
    bob1623 Done 7 cheers 2017-06-19 12:34:58

    June - 5K Time

    I had to make a some changes to my plans due to the pulled calf at the end of May. I skipped the trail races I originally had planned. They were long and one would have been grueling. I most likely would have done some serious damage running on gimpy legs.

    My DIL asked me to run a %K with her so that seemed reasonable. It is short and since she was just running for the cause, it would not tax me too much. We both did good this day, even with it being not and a hilly course.

    Yesterday, I got my sons and DIL to run the Father's Day 5K race in town. It benefits ALS and is a good race. We have all run it before, so we are keeping this tradition going. And best Of all, I got to push my grandson in the stroller for this race. He was good the whole distance and we had a nice time.

    So June is taken care of now. Not sure what will happen in July. I'll find some event.

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  • bob1623
    bob1623 Done 6 cheers 2017-05-22 20:12:54

    May - It's Bike Month

    I had two great bike events in May. First was the 5 Boros Bike Ride in NYC in the beginning of the month. I had 5 great friends with me for the weekend trip. The ride itself was not that great as it rained and was cold, bu being with friends for the weekend was great. During the ride we did manage to find each other all day, which was amazing considering there were 30,000 plus riders on the streets.

    Just this past Friday was the annual Ride for Missing and Exploited Children. It is one of my favorite charity rides, this being my 12th year participating. Good people, good route and seeing all the kids at the schools make this an awesome day. The riders stay together with a police escort to cover the route. That means no stopping for red lights or stop signs. I saw many of my riding friends this day and even made a few new friends. And best of all, my DIL did the ride with me. She did great and completed the whole 100 miles having only done one 20 mile training ride leading up the this day. She amazed me. Great day and hopefully I can do this ride again next year.

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  • bob1623
    bob1623 Done 4 cheers 2017-05-01 15:31:05

    April - Flower City Half Marathon

    The event for April was this half marathon, on the last day of the month. I have done this race before, the previous time being about 4 years ago. It has taken that long to get body parts working again to run this.

    This is a nice course through some scenic areas of the city. We run by Susan B. Anthony's house, up and down the hills of Highland Park, through Mt Hope Cemetery. Susan B. is buried there, but I don't think we run by her grave. There are a lot of others to take your mind off the run. Last through the river path of the U of R and then to the finish.

    It is a tough course with all the hill too. The weather did not cooperate much as it rained off and on. A couple times it was hard and some thunder and lightning was heard off in the distance. It was cold too and once finished, it took most of the day to warm back up.

    But I finished and had a decent time. The last mile was the fastest too. Mainly because I was freezing and just wanted to be done. I was so cold I could not even stay at the finish line to cheer on my friends finishing.

    They all finished and they can all be proud of running this race. Mother Nature threw us a little curve, just to make it a bit more challenging.

    So that is April. Next up the 5 Boros Ride in NYC this coming weekend.

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  • bob1623
    bob1623 Done 6 cheers 2017-03-16 01:35:14

    Running Event for March

    This past Saturday, I had the pleasure to run in our local St. Patrick's Day race, Johnny's Runnin' of the Green. It is a 5 mile road race and the start of the local running season.

    It usually has a big field, but this year, the temp at run time was 15°F. This kept many people away.

    But the crowd there was excited, and I had a bunch of friends to run with. I also saw a few people I had not seen in some time. It was so good to see them. One in particular, a former work associate and an excellent runner. She finished third for the women. I saw her after the race to congratulate her on her great race. She was there with her new son, He looked about 8 months old. And his name is Chase. Great name for a runner.

    I did OK in the run. No records, or PRs. Just good to be out there and be with some friends.

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