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Participate in at least one bike or running event per month through 2017

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Participate in at least one bike or running event per month through 2017

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  • bob1623
    bob1623 4 cheers 2017-05-01 15:31:05

    April - Flower City Half Marathon

    The event for April was this half marathon, on the last day of the month. I have done this race before, the previous time being about 4 years ago. It has taken that long to get body parts working again to run this.

    This is a nice course through some scenic areas of the city. We run by Susan B. Anthony's house, up and down the hills of Highland Park, through Mt Hope Cemetery. Susan B. is buried there, but I don't think we run by her grave. There are a lot of others to take your mind off the run. Last through the river path of the U of R and then to the finish.

    It is a tough course with all the hill too. The weather did not cooperate much as it rained off and on. A couple times it was hard and some thunder and lightning was heard off in the distance. It was cold too and once finished, it took most of the day to warm back up.

    But I finished and had a decent time. The last mile was the fastest too. Mainly because I was freezing and just wanted to be done. I was so cold I could not even stay at the finish line to cheer on my friends finishing.

    They all finished and they can all be proud of running this race. Mother Nature threw us a little curve, just to make it a bit more challenging.

    So that is April. Next up the 5 Boros Ride in NYC this coming weekend.

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