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  • aenea
    aenea 0 cheers 2017-05-26 15:22:21

    @artfellow ready player one has been on my reading list for far too long and seems like it'd be fun summer read. I think I'll have to go pick it up. Thanks for the reminder!

    God luck with the name of the roast - it's a long one!

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    • artfellow
      artfellow Doing 0 cheers 2017-05-26 22:09:24

      Hey @aenea, I highly recommend it. I just read on your profile that you're a fan of Kurt Vonnegut and although I've never read any books by him, I think you'll enjoy the Vonnegut reference in the book πŸ˜‰ Have you read The Name of the Rose?

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      • aenea
        aenea 1 cheers 2017-05-27 17:22:20

        @artfellow yes but it was some time ago. Eco can be challenging, but the stories he tells are invariably rewarding. Vonnegut is like fluff in comparison, but also very enjoyable. highly recommend him if you have the chance. maybe start with cat's cradle.

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