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  • flekyboy
    flekyboy Done 0 cheers 2018-04-05 15:17:59

    I've done this!

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  • dreamgums
    dreamgums 0 cheers 2018-03-26 02:01:25

    Everytime I decide to start to save money, there is something new I want to buy :(

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  • wordsncolor
    wordsncolor Doing 1 cheers 2018-03-06 22:36:54

    Got my refund from Lyft after the worst, ridiculous ride I've ever had, but they sure didn't make it easy. It took a lot of navigating their 'Help Section' .

    Showed up late.
    Went to the wrong pick-up location.
    Ignored me when I asked him to pull over because we were as close as we could get.
    Kept driving way up the hill, then dropped me off claiming some ramp would take me down.
    The ramp didn't. It lead to a cliff overlooking the campus.
    $20 to walk all the way down the hill, and loop around the campus 15 minutes late to a 30 minute swim class.

    Once I finally did get a hold of customer service they were great though. They refunded me, blocked pairing with that driver, and added a $10 credit to my account.

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  • abdul1
    abdul1 0 cheers 2018-03-06 21:34:54

    Hello People,

    I'm Abdul Alsaad, an oil businessman from Saudi Arabia, I'm a cancer patient currently on medications here. I recently created this profile for my desired search, bear with me because I know this information will come to you all at utmost surprise. I have no option than to present this charity offer to any interested person here to fulfill for me due to the condition of my present health. I recently created this profile for my desired search. My medical experts said I have few days to live due to my deterioration cancer. I need someone urgent assistance to fulfill my charity desire for the poor and needy before I have my peace, that person will be hugely rewarded for his/her time and effort with 20% of the money I want him/her to allocate to the poor and needy.

    If any sincere person here is interested to do this task for me urgently email me directly to my private email address: abdul050ali@gmail.com

    I will forward you the full details there for you to proceed the the charity works. I look forward to your urgent answer.



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  • wordsncolor
    wordsncolor Doing 1 cheers 2018-03-06 15:57:35

    This is been a back and forth thing. I've spent some money on self-care products (which I'm pretty sure was worth it because I am seeing results), basics to make daily life run smoother, things for organization, things to make goals more obtainable like clothes workout, swim lessons for my daughter, a well stocked kitchen for effective meal planning, and 1 unexpected emergency expenditure setback that cost a hefty penny.

    But.. I've also price hunted, was approved for the Amazon Prime Rewards card which has handy 5% reward points (I use Amazon a lot so.. worth it), and switched over to Prime-Student (saved a few bucks there). I've also been using my grocery store app to price check+coupons+a couple rebate apps, which saved me roughly $50.

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  • taylor
    taylor Doing 0 cheers 2018-02-26 23:36:09

    Did our taxes this weekend and plan to put the fed and state refunds into a savings account for travel next year.

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  • pikhan4
    pikhan4 0 cheers 2018-02-18 19:14:50

    Read this carefully! Follow this blog. Beneficial information before it's too late!

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  • wordsncolor
    wordsncolor Doing 3 cheers 2018-02-13 01:06:51

    Saved almost $30 between my grocery store, and Ibotta apps 👍

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  • wordsncolor
    wordsncolor Doing 2 cheers 2018-02-12 22:57:36

    Oh man.. I’ve become addicted to Ibotta.. it’s this coupon/promo rebate app thing.. 😅 It’s like a game where I make very small incriminates of money on stuff I was intending to buy anyway. 😂😅😂 Ah.. I feel so lame right now feeling victorious over my 2.00 badge..

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