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  • wordsncolor
    wordsncolor Doing 0 cheers 2018-01-28 02:58:47

    Well.. got a 100% on the homework, but only an 86% on the exam.. It's not bad, but it does mean I need to study harder.

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  • wordsncolor
    wordsncolor Doing 5 cheers 2018-01-24 18:33:58

    Some much needed relief; My ipad replacement is ready, and my caseworker is bringing it tomorrow. Thank goodness! I've done ok without is thus far, but any longer would have put me seriously behind in class.

    That news couldn't have come at a better time, because I realized as I was getting ready (I have no idea why this didn't occur to me sooner) that my ipad is also my calculator, which I'd need to take the exam today. Thankfully, the professor was in his office despite it not being office hours, and he gave me permission to take the test tomorrow, then I immediately called my Disability Resources counselor's cell who said she'd find a way to squeeze me in.

    Services for the Blind's tech supervisor also called to let me know he's putting in a request for a laptop upgrade, some software, and software training, which is nice since this laptop has been inexplicably slow/glitchy since day one.

    This is why in almost all cases I try to be honey, not vinegar.. Even if all this conflict of interest between agencies/academia is insanely stressful/angering, I'm aware the issue is money, not that these people I interface with are monsters out to get me.

    They didn't have to bring the ipad to me ASAP, or replace it with a better one. My professor didn't have to let me reschedule. My DRS counselor didn't have to squeeze me in. Their tech guy didn't have to recommend me a better laptop to replace the still working (be it poorly) one I already have. I'm also grateful for the out-of class childcare they provide so I have time to do my homework, which if I weren't visually impaired, wouldn't be offered by other government agencies. I guess in these ongoing battles to succeed I'm Just reminding myself of my blessings.

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  • wordsncolor
    wordsncolor Doing 1 cheers 2018-01-24 06:38:48

    Well, I managed to get 90% of my homework done, but after fussing all weekend with youtube Z Table videos, still feeling uncertain if I understood correctly, I gave myself plenty of time to swing by the tutoring center in the morning.
    It wasn't a waste of time, but it was concerning I had to point out to the Stat's tutor he wasn't reading my Z-Table, or the question correctly. He also kept my math (which... turned out to be correct) Stats is not my strong suit, so that gave me pause heh I should not be explaining anything to anyone 😂😅
    Thankfully, my scribe was on campus, who has taken this class. She was helpful. I was relieved to be more on track than I was aware, and caught up quickly. I'm pretty confident I got an A on the assignment, which is magical.

    I was about to go to bed feeling too mentally sluggish to study any more for tomorrow's exam, but a positive conversation perked me up a bit after what had been a rough day,
    so I went back over the slides. I prepped a word.doc with cliff notes for the 8x11" cheat sheet we're allowed, but I don't think I'll need it, which is ideal. (as apposed to hoping the cheat sheet will be your hail Mary)

    Now I'm off to bed to get a good night's sleep.

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  • wordsncolor
    wordsncolor Doing 3 cheers 2018-01-12 16:28:54

    I am... not happy to be without an ipad. I have no way to follow what's on the overhead slides. 😣

    I console myself that I have a good note-taker this quarter it seems, the material we're covering is introductory (for now..), and both my professors are seem to be sticking closely to the slides, so hopefully I'm not missing too much.

    Also, the new large monitor is working out well.

    I just had an idea as I write this to borrow my daughter's tablet while I wait for my replacement. Might work?

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  • wordsncolor
    wordsncolor Doing 1 cheers 2018-01-09 22:01:02

    Alright.. well.. they've found someone to read to me for at least 4 hours a week, which is seriously not enough time, but it's better than nothing..

    Service For the Blind's tech specialist is putting in a request for a n ipad replacement since airport security fried mine. This ipad will be 12", which sounds like a luxury upgrade, but it actually extremely useful when I'm using zoom/large print.
    That is something I learned last quarter when I had the light bulb to barrow my daughter's flat screen as a temporary large monitor; in order for magnification software to not be a nightmare, there needs to be plenty of screen space, otherwise I have to scroll the magnifier/desktop every other word. (Royal pain, and makes me motion sick)

    They also came today with a proper larger monitor, so my daughter can have her TV back heh... I'm glad the idea to use it came to me, but it was still blurry, lagged, and the laptop-to-tv resolution was misaligned, so parts of the desktop were inaccessible.

    As for getting my homework done.. I don't know.. There was miscommunication somewhere, so he didn't have the text-to-voice software with him, and I.. don't' know how long it'll take to get me the ipad, which is what I've been using to do my work..

    I tell ya, I don't daydream often,
    but when I do
    it's about attending university without all these disability accommodations problems every quarter to deal with, sucking the vitality out of me,
    a marvelous realm where all I need to do is show up to class on time, take notes, keep up with my work/reading, hand in my assignments when they're due, study, and take my exams. Even with the added responsibilities of being a single mother, and volunteering where I can carve the time, it still sounds freaking magical....

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  • lifeholder
    lifeholder Doing 0 cheers 2018-01-02 22:24:33

    At the moment I have been encouraged, and inspired by the YouTube channel Ruby Granger. I love this channel, and get a lot out of it. So glad I found it.

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  • Verity
    Verity Doing 1 cheers 2018-01-01 19:16:48

    I have a course to study online ,

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  • LittleDophin
    LittleDophin Done 0 cheers 2017-12-21 23:10:45

    I've done this!

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  • wordsncolor
    wordsncolor Doing 3 cheers 2017-11-20 08:21:11

    Feel like I want to curl up and cry in this Procrastination-and-anxiety foxtrot.

    Using 43Things to walk myself through

    • remember Done is better than 'perfect'

    • make coffee

    • organize syllabus

    • Break it down

    • finish what you started

    • reference slides and notes

    • do the rest

    • call Chay in the morning with any questions

    • email Professor

    • pass out from exhaustion once on the bus

    • P1

    • P2

    • P3

    • Midterm

    • P4

    • P5

    • P6

    • P7

    • P8

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  • wordsncolor
    wordsncolor Doing 2 cheers 2017-11-06 22:26:29

    Several phone calls later between agencies, there may be some tech that could make the remainder of my academic life less hellish. It's a set of digitally magnifying glasses. If they work I'd be able to see the board, and do my own reading, amongst other tasks it would make easier. They're extremely expensive, but Services for the Blind likes there's a tech alternative I'm interested in hat would unlimite dependence on people .
    They didn't say no.
    That's good.
    I hear from her Wednesday.

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