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Every Week
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Every Day
  • oladapo
    oladapo Doing 1 cheers 2017-06-20 23:14:14

    Regardless of your personal interest, you as a leader should learn and work towards easing followers pains!!

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  • oladapo
    oladapo Doing 1 cheers 2017-06-12 22:55:56

    Helping might be important or even a must thing to do if you are ever in position of need badly before, we all or maybe some wish we can afford to donate millions or more to those needy people but do we really have to be that so rich to help?! Can't we, from that very little, spear something for that very neighborh? I leant that: a drop of water gradually become a sea!

    Nothing move until we move it!
    Every step forward denote a step towards something!
    Goals can only manifest if they can be practicable, every possible moment of life!!

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