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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 4 cheers 2017-05-26 22:18:43

    7 pounds so far. Am apparently losing .5 a month. At this rate, will be at goal weight by the end of 2022.

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 8 cheers 2017-03-08 04:45:49

    Ok. Have recovered from birthday.
    Down 1.5 pounds from this target. 6.5 overall.
    7 pounds to go until the weight I was a year and a half ago where I failed to meet my pretrip goal and gave up. I have many more clothes options at that weight. I can do it.

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 5 cheers 2017-02-23 18:47:14

    Ok. Back on it - except for tomorrow (obvs). But a very good eating work week and down 1 lb.

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 2 cheers 2017-02-14 05:13:17

    I started the year with all that New Year's intention and vigor and lost 5 pounds before I became hideously sick. So I'm now only 30 pounds from what I consider a healthy weight. It's been a hard time for work/ life balance since last we met and after last summer and losing mom, I've been in a lost place. But with the new year comes fresh hope and I see the path forward, I hope. But it's a long one.

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 3 cheers 2017-06-01 02:45:06

    Tuesday, May 30

    1. Took a 90 minute nap at 10:30. Fly in days are not getting any easier.

    2. My new journal. Nice paper! Clean pages.

    3. Sending ridiculous snaps to Pep for her birthday.

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 4 cheers 2017-06-01 00:13:24

    Holiday weekend here too!

    Friday, May 26

    1. Picking the chum and O up from school and hearing the Dungeons and Dragons club jabbering away.

    2. Road tripping. Pretty through all the trees and valleys of the north.

    3. Our rental was adorable. When we drove up the arch to the cottage was lit up with fairy lights and the roses were all in bloom so it smelled wonderful.

    Saturday, May 27th

    1. Got great spots to watch the brake checks and the start of the race. Such fun and so good we got there early because it got PACKED.

    2. Watching the excitement at Dead Man's Drop.

    3. Avoiding the jolly family times at the other house and wandering off with GG to the wine bar instead.

    Sunday, May 28th

    1. Watching the water entry points on the pier. And again, got there just in enough time to get a decent spot, where others did not.

    2. Found the 2nd book in the series I'm reading at the used book shop for $4.

    3. Wandered back to the other house later in the evening and had a decent hang out with the other grownups. Strengthening the relationship.

    Monday, May 29th

    1. The non-hamburger option at the hamburger stand was actually super delicious. You just never know.

    2. The chum perked up from his major, exhausted fuss fest after some food. Enough that he actually took a nap in the car and then was almost his usual self.

    3. When we got home, Flash met us at the car and Bug was not too frantic or upset when we got inside. Kitty forgiveness.

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 3 cheers 2017-05-26 22:14:15

    Wednesday May 23rd

    1. Pretty productive before leaving work. The things I had to check in on were mostly underway already.

    2. I asked the flight attendant if there were any empty rows. She said no but then found one and I got it. Benefits of being aggressive

    3. The chum was very attentive at open house. The last few years he's been focused on running off to hang with friends but he stayed with us and showed us all his classes and his work. Nice since we never really see any of it.

    Thursday May 24th

    1. I skyped with dad like he wanted and it was ok. No big blowup although it looked like he was heading that way and I got really anxious but he veered off.

    2. Wylie wanted a drink so I boosted him up to the fountain and he pushed the button but it turned out he mostly just wanted to let the water run down his face and make a mess. When I asked him if he was drinking or just playing he laughed. Little mischief.

    3. The chum and I made up our own clan and he thought my name was good. "The Sock Market"

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 3 cheers 2017-05-24 16:00:37

    Tuesday, May 23

    1. I slept later than I usually do at the office and it was delightful to be all caught up on sleep.

    2. Laughing at podcasts

    3. Final post dinner push got me through the list of items to review from dad. Lingering project completed.

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 3 cheers 2017-05-23 17:35:27

    Monday, May 22

    1. Went over the stuff left over after the parking lot sale and there wasn't as much as I feared. Nice to get it reviewed and I feel good that we're offering a lot of it to the employees.

    2. My blue nails are so pretty. I still can't type great - but they make me smile.

    3. I was rereading texts from my mom and crying and the chum called and distracted me. That was a good thing.

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 2 cheers 2017-06-01 03:59:53

    May 31st

    It was Tuesday. I had to fly back to LA to work.

    Mom was a little better than yesterday but needed more blood. She asked the doctor if she was dying and he told her she was not and that he would tell her when she was.
    (Spoiler - she was. 12 days until she leaves the hospital for hospice. 24 days until she dies.)
    GG and the chum went in and visited.
    We texted a lot all day - as one can at work. In the evening, when R was gone, I sent her video links for Youtube to look at places in France we had gone together.
    It was hard to be away but nice to feel like we were just texting and being silly. I felt good that I had found something I could do to amuse her when she was all drugged up and alone.

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 1 cheers 2017-06-01 03:50:31

    May 30
    She was much weaker today and in a lot of pain from the chemo and the fluid retention. She needed more blood too. So the doctors drained her and fille her back up and we all hoped that chemo would do its magic and start fighting the tumor off.

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 1 cheers 2017-06-01 03:36:51

    May 27
    The decided they need to biopsy the cancer to determine which chemotherapy protocol to use based on whether it was ovarian or breast cancer.
    Then she has to do steroids and so on to prepare her for chemo in the morning. It then turned out she needed more blood so chemo had to wait.
    C and family go to visit Celeste is overheard to say, "Grandma has cancer in her overalls".

    The thing about this Memorial Day weekend is that I wasn't really able to see her - just texting a lot - because we were moving out of our house to start our renovation. The movers were coming on Saturday and we had to pack the final things like crazy people.

    We texted all day - sending her pictures - making jokes. And so many auto correct typos - not helped at all by pain medication.

    Mom -"Had biopsy today,, more tranfusion, from that requiring meds, get steroids with dinner ,chemo tomorrow, egos to feel put thru wringer, would definitely prefer packing chaos."
    "Pain meds I meant, also u didn't say Egos, meant starting!"

    Me - "I thought you were speaking of your ego. Don't they know who I am? Etc."

    We sent her videos of the chum playing the clarinet in the evening and I sent her silly quizzes to do.

    May 28

    Last day before movers. Spent the day throwing things in boxes randomly. Mom got her first (and only) round of chemo. She didn't want to be visited, good since I couldn't, and we texted a lot more today - even while she was in chemo which took all day.
    Mom - "Sent a partial email to all, have now been poisoned and on relaxant, should be pretty wiped out for a while. How is your day?"

    May 29
    We moved.
    Mom was very weak but not worse than she was the day before. She was to get up and exercise but could do very little.

    Mom - "Rich washing my hair today! Out of Africa! No Mozart though"

    Me - It's all worth it then.

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 1 cheers 2017-05-26 22:27:32

    May 26
    Today is the first day I got to see her in the hospital. She had various procedures to have done that day so it was hard to find a time. They had to drain her abdomen of fluid - mostly all the blood they had given her that had leaked right back out. It wasn't long before they wheeled her out but I got to see her for a bit - hold her hand, tell her I loved her, and was generally brave and positive.
    After school, the chum and I stopped by for an hour. She was tired but a little loopy from medication which made her cheerful. The chum was happy and kind - not knowing, as none of us did, how it all was progressing.
    Chemotherapy would start tomorrow. Since the bleeding was caused by the cancer, the hope was that shrinking the cancer might allow surgery to remove it or sew things up. To go in and do surgery with the cancer in full force was far too risky.
    Really, it was just all too late. People, learn from this! Do not wait when you feel strangely tired. Always go to the doctor. Always ask to be checked.

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 3 cheers 2017-05-25 04:34:31

    May 24
    Today is the day she got the diagnosis that there was cancer. They didn't know what kind - whether it was breast cancer that had spread or just ovarian cancer acting aggressively. Whatever type, it was causing the weakness. That and the fact that she was bleeding internally. They gave her more blood but she only left the hospital again to go home to die. In exactly 1 month.
    I was at work when she called me. I was positive and reassuring, only falling apart later. Sitting in my office, 500 miles away from everyone, feeling my body go numb.
    One month later she was dead.

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 2 cheers 2017-03-12 22:36:42

    1. Beowulf translated by Seamus Heaney

    Here's something I've never read. I can see how some translations might make this challenging but Heaney does such a good job. It was a great read. bone-lappings

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  • waterfallnymph
    waterfallnymph Doing 4 cheers 2017-03-12 22:31:55

    1. Sorry! The English and their Manners by Henry Hitchings

    I've been working on two books at the same time and have just finished them both. Should probably read something light now to try to get in a routine.

    This was really good. I mostly have read it in the bath but kept calling our sections to GG as there was so much to think about. How culture's ideas of privacy has shifted over the centuries. I hope some of this sticks with me.

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